Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Good day after some bad

WOW! 5th May, guess what… today is a good day for me, and i hope it is not an illusion after all =.=”

1) My room has finally rented out, and i can quit from worrying for all those stupid things… so this is the thing i hope that will not be ffk at last… anyway, hope everything goes fine!


2) Tomorrow will be my last last… paper, after 4 years study as pharmacist! and still hope, it is really the LAST… *touch wood* for any bad things…


3) Long awaited research journal, finally published!~!~! woohoo… and more are coming, and so proud of it, because this is my very first research study which have been recognised and published online. After one and half year hardwork~ Completed the first undergraduate student research project.

Here is the link:;year=2010;volume=6;issue=22;spage=120;epage=124;aulast=Khoo

Yeah~ here, i’m sincerely thanks my dear supervisor Dr Chin Jin Han!~! really thanks for your help throughout the years, without you, it would never been done… so lucky to have you as my supervisor seriously~ haha… as well as Prof Noran as my mentor and coordinator of research, did help me a lot too! of course your lunch every sem~~ wee~~


And… hope good things never stop~ at least for now… ^^ good luck for exam…


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