Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Special Announcement!

Wow, here is the 101 english post in my blogspot!!! I do this upon the request from one of my friend –> Leong Meng Fai!! hehe… so what to do with this special announcement which able to make me post a rare english post??? So here, the answer is revealed!


Here is an interesting recommendation for those who like photography very much but no where to show or prove your hidden talent!… or i should say it is a game… It has been conducted through out the world in other countries… Do anyone of you heard of “Mission 24” ?? Or Project 7-168?


There is a project out there which named as Mission 24 or Project 7-168 (Malaysia Version), but what is it actually?? If you are truly a photography lover, you might want to try this out, feel free to visit the following blog for further information


Click Here (For further information)


Click Here (For joining the game/project)

PS: You love photography, that is enough! Whether it is a camera, PnS, or even just a mobile phone camera, doesn’t matter!! as long as it can produce a picture for you to upload!~ ^^


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